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Caring for the other side of the world

As the so-called "The younger generation may outperform the older generation", the power of the younger generation can never be underestimated. Just like five elementary and middle school students, Ethan, Oscar, Maelie, Darren, and Reena, in order to promote the message of "Food Wise", they co-founded the organization Waste Less Feed Better.

WLFB is simple and straightforward, hoping to promote the message of cherishing food and reducing food waste to Hong Kong and even the world.

And they are definitely not a three-minute craze. Since its official establishment in October last year, it has been completed in turn from shooting promotional videos and post-production, setting up as promotional leaflets, writing blogs, and managing social platforms, etc., each giving full play to their strengths.

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John Wu
John Wu
Apr 15, 2021

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