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President Xi’s powerful declaration in support of food innovation

Food security has become an increasingly burning issue in the world. Following an outbreak of Covid-19, President Xi appears to be making moves to encourage more protein to be developed within China, to reduce reliance on other countries and strengthen self-sufficiency.

President Xi References China’s Alt-Protein Sector In National Food Security Speech

In a historic first, China’s President Xi Jinping has referenced alternative proteins in a speech during which he underlined his support for domestic food innovation. Speaking at a meeting with agricultural, social welfare and social security sector figureheads, he made statements that positively impact the country’s burgeoning alternative protein industry.

President Xi gave insight into the challenges that have led to an acceptance of new food sources. He talked about the world having entered a “new era of turbulence” which has necessitated China to retain a more insular perspective and start looking to domestic food options.

Coming hot on the heels of China’s latest five-year agricultural plan

China had included ‘future foods’, including cultivated meats, in its five-year agricultural plan. The tentative step was met with optimism that further support could be lent to the alt-protein sector, in time. President Xi appears to have confirmed that such support is incoming.

Climate change and environmental sustainability could be tackled through the development of new food sources. Alternative proteins are specifically named as an innovation that needs to be prioritised.
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