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Passionate individuals seeking to end ZERO HUNGER

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Trees From Above



Queen's College

Hello, my name is Ethan. I’m 13 years old and I am the smallest in my family. I am a caring young man of grit and self-discipline. I have a strong sense of social responsibility. In 2020, I participated in the "Zero Hunger" designated by the UN in addressing global issue of food wasting. Having satisfactorily achieved this special project, I contributed to writing articles and making videos to express my zealous calls for helping starving children around the world. In this project, I took lead to work with other fellow members and learned “To serve, To Lead" when practicing teamworks from a panoramic perspective. I hope people will learn more about food waste after watching my videos. I am also an expert at timing my activities, that’s why I always hand in my homework on time. I hope people will cherish food instead of wasting them after this program.



Victoria Shanghai Academy

Hello everyone, my name is Oscar and I would love to be the first young SDG leader. In my free time I like to play games and do sports, I also read the daily magazine to see what is happening .But lately I have been interested in solving world problems like food waste. I realized that people are wasting food while the homeless struggle to eat. That really bother me and I want to fix it. At my school VSA, they taught us about the global goals and inspire me to change the world no matter how old I was. That’s why I would love To Be a SDG young leader. And I believe with my peers, we will strive to serve our best in the world.




The French International School of Hong Kong

Hello, my name is Maelie. I'm 13 years old right now, and I am very glad that I have this opportunity to participate in the program. Here are some information about myself: I enjoy swimming, horseback riding, reading, sewing and etc. I also like to unleash my creative side by doing art and videos. I have done similar projects before at school and I can't wait to see how this turns out. I love to come up with over the top ideas and making everything perfect. I believe it is our responsibility to help others and motivate more people to join us. Thank you!



Creative Secondary School

Greetings, my name is Darren and I study at Creative Secondary School. A little about me is that I play badminton and I enjoy playing the guitar. I started gaining more consciousness on public issues and humanitarian crises back when I researched the homeless in Hong Kong for my sixth-grade exhibition. I got more in touch with societal inequalities when researching Domestic Helper Maltreatment in Hong Kong for my Community Project. I believe that my knowledge of social problems can aid me and my team in solving the root causes and factors of world hunger. ZERO HUNGER

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Creative Secondary School

Hi! My name is Reena and my hobbies include drawing, doodling, playing games, and doing other interesting things. The 17 sustainable global goals are a great way to save the Earth and the people around us, and the 17 sustainable global goals are immensely important. Back in my primary school, we talked about the United Nations’ 17 sustainable global goals, for example, life on land, poverty, gender equality and clean water! I believe that this is necessary in order to help. We (Y6) did an exhibition of the 17 global goals, my group was about responsible consumption and production (goal 12) (more about fast fashion). A lot of people struggle to have enough food on the plate. Yet, some would waste food, and even throw it away! I am willing to do this and I am definitely determined to do this!



Korean International School

My name is Ho Wing Ki. You can just call me by my English name, Eunice. I am 13 years old, and I am very glad that I have this opportunity to participate in the program. I enjoy ballet. My hobby is reading and playing the golf. I always play tennis with my brother in my free time. I believe that by developing a culture of zero food waste, we can better allocate our resources evenly to ensure everyone is well-fed.

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