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How to Build Your Team

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  • Age eligibility: 11-17

  • Team size: 3-7 students

Build your team profile

Review your team’s mission, vision, philosophy, and core values. Current guiding principles should:

  • Reflect the team’s culture and standards

  • Present the team in a clear and honest way

  • Be in-line with the team’s goals for the future

  • Be revised if they do not satisfy all of these requirements


All team members successfully registered can have T-shirt and badge.
We will also issue a digital certificate to team members who complete task well.

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Identify if you need funds to deliver your goal, source in-kind donations, and set up a fundraising plan if needed. Before starting to fundraise we encourage you to explore if you can get these items donated. Often the most successful teams are those that managed to source most equipment required for projects for free. Once you have worked out what you need to buy and cannot get via donations, this creates a target for you to fundraise. You should then decide what activities you want to do to raise funds. Most projects can be implemented with very little, if any, funding.


Please note, you should NOT have fundraising as the main target/goal, instead you should be focused on tackling an issue that you can have a direct impact on.

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