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The Rising Tide of Plant-Based Seafood

According to the United Nations, global seafood production reached 179 million metric tons in 2018, but 22 million of that went to non-food uses, like fishmeal and fish oil. And the global per capita consumption increased to 20.5kg by 2020 — the 3.1% yearly growth rate outpacing both meat consumption and the world population expansion.

There’s also the matter of biodiversity loss, with saltwater species expected to go extinct by 2048 if current rates of consumption continue.

Overfishing, oceans and climate change.

Meat accounts for almost 60% of all greenhouse gas emissions from food production, while 30% of biodiversity loss has been linked with meat consumption.

Another common view is seafood’s superiority over other meat from a health perspective. But the carbon footprint attached to seafood can’t be ignored. Increasing demand has led to higher greenhouse gas emissions, while the heavy fuel use by ocean fishery vessels also plays a part in climate change.

There are many more reasons why seafood isn’t as rosy as many make it out to be. Take, for example, the endemic child and slave labour involved in the industry, the use of plastic packaging, or the presence of microplastics in oceans, which themselves are subject to toxic contamination due to chemical runoff.

let’s talk about what plant-based seafood really is.

Employs a blend of soy, pea and chickpea protein in its tuna. And carrot-based vegan salmon has taken the internet by storm and plant-based tuna has been sought-after, they’re only a minority of the alt-seafood products available.

Sashimi is tapioca starch-based, with flax and rapeseed oil other key ingredients. Using tapioca starch because it helps to get the right structure for the sashimi, but also because it’s free of common allergies in contrast to soy and wheat alternatives.

Most of seafood line on konjac flour. A root vegetable grown around Asia, that apart from mimicking the taste and texture of seafood, konjac is low in fat and high in fibre. That brings many health benefits, including lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

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