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What to do with Turkey Leftovers

It’s the classic post-Christmas conundrum, what the hell am I going to do with all the turkey leftovers? Well don’t worry, we’ve created a load of delicious new recipes to help you make the most of your roast and create tasty waste free meals for the days following Christmas, plus our top tips for using your leftovers safely.

This festive season might be a year of smaller celebrations than usual, but that’s no reason to forgo a spectacular centerpiece Christmas bird, be it pasture raised turkey, cockerel, goose or duck.

Need some turkey cooking tips? Read our ultimate guide to stress free turkey cooking. Or if this year you’re going for something a bit different, here’s our guide to alternative roasts. All of the recipes below can also be made with chicken, cockerel, duck, goose, or leftover cooked ham.

【Turkey Leftover Recipes】

Turkey Pie

Use any leftover meat, ham, sprouts and even roast veg in this comforting pie flavoured with mustard, creme fraiche and wine. Homemade flakey rough puff pastry adds a decadent finishing touch.

Turkey Biryani

Bridget Jones’ favourite turkey curry gets an update with this gently spiced biryani, finished with fresh coriander and crunchy toasted almonds – perfect after all the rich flavours of Christmas food.

Turkey Ramen

The ultimate no waste meal, this ramen recipe uses stock made from the carcass of your roast, plus leftover shredded roast meat to finish. Fresh ginger, chilli and spring onions are brilliant for adding zest and freshness.


Rich and comforting, this slow cooked rustic cassoulet is a great way to use up any leftover roast meat or even sausages and pigs and blankets! Finish with hunks of bread grilled to a crispy brown in the oven.

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