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Convenient, Affordable and Juicy Pork Dumplings

Dumplings are part of everyday life in Hong Kong. Served in restaurants and convenience stores, and found in almost every home freezer, they are a staple dish.

Plant-based brand - Plant Sifu. Offering meat-free alternatives to conventional dumplings and pork, it aims to undermine Asia’s demand for animal protein. Developed using proprietary fat technology, Plant Sifu’s pork analogue is cited as juicy and fragrant, making it appropriate for dumpling applications.

Plant Sifu dumpling using konjac encapsulation, it adds flavour and texture to non-GMO soy protein and recreates pork in a plant-based framework. Their meat is cholesterol-free, MSG-free, and contains less sodium, calories and fat per serving than conventional pork. All nine amino acids are present and only vegetables and yeast providing flavouring power.

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