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YCI Seminar – Fruit Peels to Soap

We were teaching about people in poverty, and they don’t have enough money to buy enough food for their families.

Did you know, that in Hong Kong, one out of six people live in a food-insecure household, that’s more than one million people, struggling to put food on the table?

And did you also know, that 30-40% of the food in Hong Kong is tossed out and totally wasted? I knew I had to do something about it, so I set up a website to encourage other people in Hong Kong to waste less in 2020.

Moreover, I faced some difficulties. At first, I found it hard to communicate with my teammates , but slowly, I got used to it. I was also shy at first when interviewing strangers, as it was my first time, but after my teammate’s courage and support, I became more confident. I have recorded a lot of videos about food waste in Hong Kong and posted them on my website, sometimes, I might even interview strangers. I am planning to collect my neighbors' and my school’s waste and bring them to factories so that they can turn them into edible straws.

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