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Protect our planet’s biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Addressing food loss and waste is fundamental to the world achieving sustainable food systems and being able to feed a growing population with healthy, balanced diets. Many have suggested that certain food sources, particularly animal proteins, will be incompatible with the kind of sustainable production we need to create.

However, despite increased trends for vegetarian and vegan diets in the World, it’s important to remember that elsewhere consumption of animal protein is actually rising – rapidly. Experts predict a worldwide increase of 70 percent in demand by 2050.

Animal protein is central to many cultures and represents a tremendous source of nutrients as part of a healthy, balanced diet. However, according to the FAO, as much as $150 billion a year of animal protein is lost or wasted, and globally the issue is considered responsible for 8% of the world’s total GHG emissions. It is evident that the onus is on all of us to make tangible changes that lead to less food loss and waste.


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