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Eat everything that's edible


One third of the food produced globally goes to waste. This is a problem of epic proportions that impacts us financially, socially and environmentally.

Surprisingly, our everyday preferences are responsible for a huge amount of food waste, as many of us choose to ignore the skins, leaves, stalks and crusts of our favorite foods.


We’ve all binned our stalks, abandoned our peels, and forgotten our bread ends. But why is it important to compleat food instead?

When food that is grown and produced for us to eat goes uneaten, all the resources that have gone into bringing that food to our plates – land, water and energy – go to waste, too.

This has a huge effect on our environment, as those resources could be used for something else, or saved entirely, to reduce our impact on the planet.

Remember: The best thing we can all do is to make sure the food that makes it to our plates is enjoyed. Anything that we can’t compleat (egg shells, tea bags and banana skins might never be on the menu…) can be composted, or recycled if you have a food waste recycling service at home.

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Helen Tse
Helen Tse
Apr 02, 2021


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