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A lack of food, hunger and malnutrition affect every country in the world

Reducing food loss and waste would improve agri-food systems and help towards achieving food security, food safety and food quality, all while delivering on nutritional outcomes. (減少糧食損失和浪費將改善農業糧食系統,並有助於實現糧食安全、食品安全和糧食品質,同時實現營養價值)

According to FAO, it would also contribute “significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as pressure on land and water resources”.(糧農組織還將“對減少溫室氣體排放以及對土地和水資源的壓力做出重大貢獻”)

Takeaways for action:(行動要點)

  • Reducing food loss and waste, strengthens the sustainability of food systems and improves planetary health.(減少糧食損失和浪費,加強糧食系統的可持續性並改善生態健康)

  • Increasing the efficiency of food systems and reducing food loss and waste, requires investment in innovation, technologies and infrastructure.(提高糧食系統的效率,減少糧食損失和浪費,需要對創新、技術和基礎設施進行投資)

  • Composting food waste is better than sending it to a landfill, but preventing waste in the first place, lessens its impact on the environment.(將食物垃圾堆肥比將其送到垃圾填埋場要好,但首先要防止浪費,以減少其對環境的影響)

  • Maximizing the positive impacts of reducing food loss and waste, requires good governance and human capital development.(最大限度地發揮減少糧食損失和浪費行動的積極影響,需要良好的治理和開拓人力資源)

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Ethan Ho
Ethan Ho
Oct 02, 2021

Food waste is a global problem that undermines healthy diets

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