8 Food Waste Freezer Hacks That Might Surprise You

Do you find yourself constantly throwing away food? From milk to fruit, there are many ways you can stop those usual suspects from ending up in the bin. Make proper use of your freezer and you’ll find you save on food waste, time and ultimately money. Want to know how to freeze bananas? Or how to make wilting herbs, lemons and even veg scraps go further? Here are our top food waste freezer hacks to help you.

Here are 8 more food waste freezer hacks to rescue your leftovers:

1. Freeze chillies and ginger whole

Freeze chillies, peeled fresh ginger and peeled fresh turmeric, then grate them straight from frozen into your cooking. You can also freeze fresh curry leaves, kaffir lime leaves and bay leaves too.

2. Got fruit that needs using?

Chop and prep fruit into your favourite combinations. We like peeled and chopped bananas, chopped apples and whole, fresh berries. Freeze the lot to add direct to your blender with a splash of milk, water or fresh juice, then blitz into an ice-cold morning smoothie.

3. Freeze wrinkly grapes

Once frozen, you can eat grapes as a cooling snack or use as an alternative to ice cubes that won’t dilute into your drink!

4. Smoothie ice lollies

Pour leftover morning smoothies or leftover fruit juice into lolly moulds for a healthy treat. Or make boozy versions by subbing in Sangria or Campari. Here are a few more ice lolly recipes to help you use up a glut of fruit.

5. Save wilting herbs and make flavoured butter