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Aug 03, 2022
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Just now, affected by the "double reduction" released on the 24th, it was reported that Yuanfudao announced that it would cut all its advertising investment. Prior to this, advertising in the education industry had been severely restricted. In February of this year, CCTV removed the advertising content of the prime-time advertisements on CCTV channels by institutions such as Yuanfudao and Homework Gang, and strengthened the supervision and review of related businesses. It is reported that in the future, all mainstream media, public platforms, offline public environments, schools, etc., will completely prohibit the placement of advertisements by educational institutions. Article 22 of "Opinions on Further Reducing Students' Homework telemarketing list Burden and Off-campus Training Burden during Compulsory Education": Relevant central departments, local party committees and governments at all levels should strengthen the management of off-campus training advertisements to ensure that mainstream media, new media, public places, and various billboards and online platforms in residential areas do not publish or broadcast off-campus training advertisements. It is not allowed to carry out commercial advertising activities in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and it is not allowed to use the teaching materials, teaching auxiliary materials, workbooks, stationery, teaching aids, school uniforms, school buses, etc. Severely investigate and punish all kinds of illegal and illegal advertisements for off-campus training that exaggerate the effect of training, mislead the public's educational concept, and create anxiety for parents in accordance with laws and regulations. Education marketing seems to have come to a dead end. After the chain of "capital operation" is completely cut off, where will the education industry go in the future? 01 Is Education Marketing Dead? On July 24, when the double-reduction policy came out, they were deprived of their right to financing. Strictly regulated education and training institutions were busy counting losses and re-deploying their business. Almost all institutions had no time to take care of marketing issues. They have begun to abolish the advertising business, and mainstream platforms have long been unable to see the advertisements of educational institutions. The sharp reduction of short-term educational advertising has caused a considerable impact on the advertising industry, but for marketing platforms, such a vacuum is only temporary after all, and will soon be filled by the marketing needs of other industries. For example, Focus Media stated that the growth of other types of customers is good. Due to the reduction of online education advertising, the vacant advertising space has been filled by customers from other industries, and the overall performance is stable at present. But for participants in the education industry, with the implementation of the "double reduction" policy, the public marketing channels of the education industry will soon disappear, and all mainstream media, public platforms, offline public environments, schools, etc. will be completely banned Advertising of educational institutions. As we all know, the development of any industry in modern society is inseparable from marketing promotion. When the advertising channels are completely locked, it means that the ability of enterprises to acquire customers will be greatly reduced. Moreover, for the education industry, the current crisis will be far more than the disappearance of some tracks, but may be the overall shrinkage of the entire industry. In fact, the crisis of lack of marketing has appeared in many education companies, especially for online education without stores. The suspension of advertising means that the core new channel has disappeared. For example, a teacher of Dongfang Youbo, a subsidiary of New Oriental Online, said that due to the reduction of advertisements, the overall class schedule is not as good as in previous years, and the length of each regular-priced class during the summer vacation has been shortened from 2 hours to 1.5 hours. After the public domain traffic is completely blocked, how should education industry marketing be done? Here we might as well make some simple guesses.
Is Educational Marketing "Dead"?
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