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Which diet creates the least amount of food waste? Two rules-of-thumb for food choices!


The climate crisis is rising to the top of the global agenda, waking more people up to the connection between our consumption choices and the carbon footprint it leaves behind. While some questions about the footprint of food can appear to be relatively straightforward, the reality may not always be as simple as it seems.


Today, we explore different dietary choices and find out which one is associated with the most food waste.


Eat down the food chain


Any food that requires fewer resources to produce is less wasteful, so everything we can eat and cook whole (that also means less processed food). A plant-based diet is an easy first step. But if you eat fish, then go for smaller fish – sardines and anchovies, for example.


Choose foods that have a shorter supply chain


If you can grow your own, that’s the best! But if not, source locally. The shorter the supply chain, the more agile the system will be to handle the excess.

We know that the most carbon-friendly and sustainable dietary choice in the world is a plant-based diet. The less animal products, the better.
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