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Traditional Hong Kong Desserts That Have Always Been Vegan

When people think of desserts, cakes, ice cream, and pastries usually come to mind. But in Hong Kong, we’re blessed with delicious traditional Cantonese desserts that are known as tong sui (糖水), meaning “sugar water”, which can be served hot or cold depending on season. There are a surprising number of 100% plant-based desserts that have been passed down throughout generations, from one Cantonese family to the next. Here are desserts in traditional Cantonese cuisine that have always been made vegan.

Red bean soup

Green bean soup

Black sesame soup

Black sesame rolls

Tofu fa

Almond tea

Black glutinous rice with coconut milk

Sweet potato ginger sweet soup

Beancurd skin sweet soup

Grass jelly

Papaya snow fungus sweet soup

Walnut soup

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