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The full economic, environmental and social costs of food loss and waste.

To stand a chance against hunger, we have to stop food loss and waste. 14% of the world’s food is lost before we even have a chance to buy it. Most food is lost during harvest, transportation and storage. But when it finally gets to our shelves or plates, we waste too much of it. Imagine what could happen if we improved our actions at every step of our food’s journey?


🙇‍♂️If we developed new technologies to improve farming.

🙇‍♀️If everyone involved in producing, growing or selling our food applied better practices.

🙇‍♂️If retailers donated more food to those in need.

🙇‍♀️If all this was supported by governments.

🙆And if consumers were more conscious about food waste.

🙆‍♂️We can all play a role.

👨‍🌾 Let’s end food loss and waste today. 👩‍🌾


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