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The best refillable household products that help reduce plastic waste.

When you open the door and throw a light on the contents of your fridge, is it a packaging free-for-all, with out-of-date cheese and forgotten jars strewn about?

Make the most of your space and you’ll save time and money, not to mention cut down on food waste.

Tailor your fridge organisers to your usual menus. Smelly ingredients such as fish and cheese should be top of your list to contain, and everyday essentials should all find their own storage space.

Not only will organising the space help you find everything quickly when a snack attack strikes, you’ll also be able to keep tabs on sell-by dates, find those easily lost ingredients.

The best move recently has been to keep a large iDesign box labelled ‘Use It Up’, so everything that has been opened or is near its use-by date is front and centre. It really helps to minimise waste.


👨🏻‍🌾 Ending hunger is one of the most urgent and widespread milestones to be reached in terms of development.

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