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Storecupboard To Help You Cut Food Waste

Organising your cupboards will make it easier to use your dry store as the starting point to plan your weekly shop, rather than over-buying from habit or a hungry stomach, and ultimately chucking it in the bin.

Start your cupboard clean-up by collating those pesky half-full packets of nuts, pastas and grains, store ingredients in clear, labelled jars, find ways to upcycle kitchen scraps and organise your cupboards so you know where everything is.

Once you’ve sorted your pantry, stock up on useful staples that will help you magic delicious meals whether you’ve got leftovers that need using up, a glut of veggies or an empty fridge.


Wilting herbs? Use them to infuse oil

Infuse quality olive oil with those last sprigs of sage or rosemary, lemon peel or chilli to add instant flavour to fried eggs, salad dressings or a simple slice of sourdough.


Preserve those citrus rinds

Pack them with salt and pile into a jar to preserve them. After a few months, the salty brine will break down the skins into a perfectly edible, potent hit for your salads.


Reuse stale bread

Breadcrumbs, in particular, are a useful ingredient to have in any kitchen; they add golden crunch to pasta bakes and salads, they bind burgers and meatballs, and provide the crumb for fish fingers and chicken kievs.


Tinned tomatoes are your saviour

Tinned tomatoes are a versatile staple. Simmer with punchy spices for a simple supper that you can mop up with bread.

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👨🏻‍🌾 Ending hunger is one of the most urgent and widespread milestones to be reached in terms of development.

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