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Soup residues make up 41% of food waste

Leftovers from traditional Chinese soup make up the bulk of food waste in Hong Kong, a survey found.


The survey, conducted by the Hong Kong Baptist University's College of International Education, interviewed 603 households on their cooking habits and awareness of food waste. The researchers found that 41.4 percent of the food waste came from soup residues.

香港浸會大學國際學院發布「家居廚餘狀況」調查,訪問了603 戶家庭,了解他們的烹飪習慣,發現有41.4%受訪者指家中廚餘主要是湯渣。

If each of the 2.25 million households in the city makes 2.5 pots of soups per week, there will be 900,000 pots of soup every day and 450 metric tons of soup leftovers will end up as food waste daily, the study estimates.


Nutritionist stressed that nutrition may not completely dissolve in the soup and is therefore wasted in leftovers. Suggested that people cut up the soup ingredients into smaller portions to bring out more flavor and reduce leftovers.


Many people think that the soup residue has no taste and tastes bad. It is recommended that the soup residue can be re-cooked into dishes, such as fried rice, dumplings, etc., to reduce waste, hope that the government can increase citizens’ awareness of the nutrition of food ingredients and cooking methods of food materials and reduce waste.


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