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Shaping the future of food systems

The Dialogues, involving thousands of people around the world, are taking place as the impact of COVID-19 on food systems is laid bare. The recently released 2021 State of Food Insecurity (SOFI) report revealed 118 million additional people are facing hunger because of the pandemic.

在新冠肺炎疫情對糧食系統的影響暴露無遺之際,這些對話吸引了來自世界各地成千上萬人們的積極參與。最近發佈的《2021 年糧食不安全狀況》(SOFI)報告指出,受疫情影響,全球遭遇饑餓威脅的人口增加了1.18億人。

The challenges of facilitating Dialogues amid pandemic restrictions has created a precedent for novel and extensive engagement, with National Dialogue Convenors taking full advantage of digital connectivity to involve communities who are hardest to reach.


There have been thousands of unusual interactions, exploratory conversations, heated debates and constructive exchanges through hundreds of Food Systems Summit Dialogues since October 2020, involving food producers and processors, distributors and retailers, caterers, chefs, marketers, traders and others directly involved in moving food from farm to fork.


The UN Secretary-General’s Food Systems Summit and all of its preparatory processes have been a powerful catalyst that has brought new and unexpected voices to the forefront as well as grassroots lessons and innovative solutions in ways that will reveal the collective action and commitments the world needs, this September.


The programme of Dialogues in many countries is a three-stage multi-stakeholder exploration through food systems, starting with identifying the characteristics of current food systems, followed by generating a wide range of potential adaptations and evolutions of those systems, and then consolidating these into an agreed sense of direction.


About the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit


The UN Food Systems Summit was announced by the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, on World Food Day last October as a part of the Decade of Action for delivery on the SDGs by 2030. The aim of the Summit is to deliver progress on all 17 of the SDGs through a food systems approach, leveraging the interconnectedness of food systems to global challenges such as hunger, climate change, poverty and inequality. More information about the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit and list of Advisory Committee and Scientific Group members can be found online:



👨🏻‍🌾 Ending hunger is one of the most urgent and widespread milestones to be reached in terms of development.

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