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Re-growing your scraps

Believe it or not, growing your own food is actually very easy. I have gathered a list of foods that can be grown entirely in water or soil. I have tried a few out for myself and they work great!

You can grow numerous types of vegetation at home with a container and some water. For example I currently have, sweet potatoes, mint, Lemons, strawberries and Leek.

You can re-grow lots of vegetables from the scraps you do not normally use. A list of vegetables you can re-grow are:

Green unions: Green onions are probably one of the easiest and most popular vegetable to re-grow. it is really simple, all you have to do is cut them from about an inch from the roots, and leave them in a glass of water, they will star to grow in a matter of days.

Bok Choy: Leave the stump of the Bok choy in a bowl and fill the water halfway. And once the leaves have regrown for a few days, you can also choose to transfer to soil for bigger leaves!

A lot of herbs can easily be regrown. Make sure there’s about 2-3 inches of stem. Place the stems upright in a glass of water. Putting cutting s into water is one way of propagating them but any other propagation method also works. When the new roots begin to grow, transfer the herbs into a pot of soil.

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