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Quick and Easy Environment Beneficial Smoothie

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Hey, bruised fruits aren't that bad actually. Maybe instead of buying all the nice-looking fruits, maybe we should also buy the bruised fruits so it doesn't go to waste.

Apple and Banana smoothie:

Don't mind fruits with small bruises on them, they still taste the same (A SIDE NOTE: please don't pick fruits that are bruised a lot, a small area should of bruise or scratch is fine)

  1. Go to your local supermarket and pick out a slightly bruised apple (1/2), banana, orange, and a cup of frozen yogurt

3. Toss everything into the blender

4. Then there you have it, an Earth-saving smoothy!

Reference (APA)

Mandy. (2007, April 25). Orange, Apple & Banana Smoothie. Retrieved from

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