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Playing and building the future

Dear friends!

This “Go Goals!” game for children aged 8-10. Designed to be fun and engaging,

this game informs children while motivating them to actively pursue the SDGs.

Remember: even small steps can help to make a big difference if millions around the world are involved! We hope that you enjoy this game! Thank you for making the world a better place!


  1. There are 63 spaces on the board game. Players advance the number of spaces determined by rolling a single dice

  2. Each player places their token on the Start field

  3. Players take turns to roll the dice and move their tokens forward the number of spaces as shown on the dice

  4. If a player lands at the bottom of a ladder, they can immediately climb to the top

  5. If a player lands at the top of a waterslide, they immediately move to the bottom of the slide

  6. If a player lands on a Sustainable Development Goal field (1-17), they can draw a card corresponding to the goal number. Another player should read the card question. A correct answer from the card drawer will allow the player to roll the dice once again

  7. The first player to arrive on the field ’2030’ is the winner! If a player throws the equired number, they must step forward into field ‘2030’ and then move backwards the surplus number of spaces

Game Kit: The board game sheet, cut out dice, players tokens

Game questions: Get to know about the SDG’s with the game questions



Change begins with us. We need to make sure we are well informed about the causes and possible solutions to the world’s issues. Only then can we make small positive actions in our everyday lives: from talking constructively with our families, friends and communities, to organising ourselves and urging governments to listen to the voices of their citizens.

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Cheung Kate
Cheung Kate
Nov 04, 2021

A good education😀


Ethan Ho
Ethan Ho
Nov 04, 2021


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