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How to use up leftover salad leaves

1. Barbecued & grilled

Cut whole heads of lettuce into wedges, drizzle with a little oil, sprinkle with salt, herbs and spices, then char over hot coals. Experiment with different toppings, like mayonnaise, citrus zest, crushed nuts or torn fruits to make this dish even more extraordinary.

2. Leftover salad soup

Add salad leaves to any soup (blended or chunky), or make them the hero of the dish. Transform watercress or kale by blending with a little cooked potato, hot water and a dash of cream to make a simple watercress soup. Or make a refreshing chilled soup with delicate leaves, like cos and romaine blended with cucumber, herbs, avocado, radishes and some yoghurt, topped with olive oil.

3. Make green pancakes

Baby spinach is a common variety to find in your salad bags year round. Blend a bunch into your pancake mix for a savoury twist that Popeye would be proud of.

4. Toss leaves through pasta…

Got a bag of leaves looking a little sorry for themselves? Roughly chop them and stir through hot pasta, with a dash of oil and some Parmesan for a simple money-saving supper.

5. … or risotto

Freshen up plain risotto by adding chopped leaves just before serving.

6. Bashed or blitzed: leftover salad smoothies & pestos

Add leaves into a green smoothie with ingredients like apple, ginger and lemon, or whizz up a quick pesto with whatever nuts you have to hand and a splash of olive oil.

7. Stir-fried salad leaves

Oriental leaves such as mizuna and frilly mustard are common in good salad bags and taste incredible; potent, citrusy and full of flavour. These leaves are delicious added to a stir-fry or chopped and sprinkled over the top.

8. Chopped into salad

Make an Arabic-style salad with diced tomato, onion and cucumber. Add roughly chopped leaves instead of (or as well as) herbs. Dress with lemon juice and oil.

Nailed those leftover salad leaves?
Make your kitchen zero waste with these easy tips to use up your leftover herbs.

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