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How To Use Up Egg Yolks And Egg Whites《2》

Egg yolks and whites have different uses in cooking. Egg yolks are used to enrich dishes with their fat content, whilst egg whites can be aerated and frothed up to lighten batters and help them rise.

What can you do with egg yolks?

There are so many egg yolk recipes you can turn to. The fat of the egg is concentrated in its yolk, which makes yolks fantastic at enriching recipes like mayonnaise, custard, ice cream and chocolate mousse.

Make your own homemade mayonnaise at home; use it to slather it on sandwiches, liven up leftover roast chicken or for dunking your chips. A homemade custard is also hard to beat, and what’s more classic and comforting than rhubarb and custard?

You can also add an additional egg yolk to scrambled eggs for extra richness; use it to bind together mince meat in burgers, or stir it through pasta with pancetta to make this pasta carbonara recipe.

What can you do with egg whites?

Egg whites, unlike any other natural food ingredient, can be whipped up six to eight times greater in volume than their natural state. This means that egg whites are your friends in baking, for light, well-risen cakes, batters and meringues.

This raspberry, lemon and almond bake calls for five egg whites, to help it rise and to give it a soft, spongy texture. What must be the most popular egg white recipe of all is the meringue: whisk up egg whites with sugar until shiny and stiff, then gently bake and leave to dry out. The results will be crisp on the outside and gorgeously marshmallowy and soft on the inside. Try these heavenly strawberry and cream pavlovas.

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