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Foodways and food waste

Why is so much food heading straight to landfills? Is it simply a matter of overproduction and overstocking? Are retailers simply catering to consumers need for a variety of food options? Or perhaps consumers just keep on forgetting about use-by dates?

“Let’s just give the food to the needy,” is an answer usually given in response to the issue.

Redirecting food from landfills to the hands of those who need it is one way to address the problem, but it doesn’t totally solve it. When we know we can simply hand over the unconsumed food items, we wouldn’t change a thing about our foodways.

Food waste is the result of negligence or a conscious decision to throw food away. It refers to good-quality food perfectly fit for human consumption but that does not get consumed because it is discarded—either before or after it spoils.

👨🏻‍🌾 Ending hunger is one of the most urgent and widespread milestones to be reached in terms of development.

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