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Food waste in the US

Food waste in the US is a massive problem. Current estimates put waste levels at around 219 lbs. per person, per year, and as the US population continues to grow it seems likely that food waste will rise along with it. However, while the data generally points to the US as a global leader when it comes to food waste, there is, perhaps, a more concerning metric that dominates the issue within global discourse.

Unlike most of the developing world, an alarmingly large amount of waste occurs at the consumer level, which is, in fact, a pattern repeated across most developed nations. In contrast with much of Europe, however, and where the US lags behind even countries generally perceived as “underdeveloped”, is the measures implemented to combat food waste.

So, what is the US currently doing about the growing piles of food waste on its doorstep? And how can it lead the rest of the world in reducing and eliminating that waste in the future?


👨🏻‍🌾 Ending hunger is one of the most urgent and widespread milestones to be reached in terms of development.

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