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Food Waste in our Modern Day Society

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Food waste is a huge issue around the globe. Just looking at statistics alone, we have approximately 1.3 billion tons of food waste, each year. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization and the United Nations, that's 1/3 of all food production.

Common causes of Food Waste Are Overbuying, Overproduction, Spoilage

Food wastes commonly take place in restaurants where we would overbuy; order too much food, resulting in food going to waste. Not only that, as people overbuy, restaurants would then have a higher demand for ordering large amounts of goods, leading to overproduction, then advance to spoilage of food.

But we can do better together and here is how we can improve:

- Order a reasonable amount of food each time (you can always order more)

- Check the expiration date before you buy goods

- Don't waste spoiled fruits because,

- you can turn them into juice

- plant them

- turn them into fertilizer

So to conclude, please be open-minded when ordering foods from restaurants and even when buying goods from supermarkets so we can prevent overbuy, and it'll help eliminate overproduction and spoiltage of food. We can also reuse spoilage of fruits to turn them into juice, plant them, or simply turn them into fertilizer. I hope you have learned something today and make sure to check out Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, @Wastelessfeedbetter.

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