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Banana peels? Find out why you won't throw them anymore!

Banana peels are valuable aid for cleaning the house and taking care of our plants.

  1. Have you ever tried to rub the banana peel on yours silverware? Try it on forks and spoons to see them shine in no time!

  2. Have you got a stain on shoes and you don't know how to do it? Rub the banana peel and, as if by magic, the stain will disappear!

  3. To avoid an attack by plant pests, especially those of roses, just cut the banana peels into small pieces and bury them at the base of the rose bushes.

Were you already aware of all the benefits that can be derived from banana peels? As with most foods, especially fruit, only the internal white pulp is consumed and the peel ends up in the garbage. But I'm sure you will think twice now before throwing the banana peel!

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