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An Eco-friendly Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important holidays of the Chinese calendar, and at the center of this special time is the gifting of the mooncake. In Chinese culture, mooncakes are enjoyed between families and friends, and presented to relatives and business associates with good wishes as a token of love and respect.

This year, celebrate away – but do it the sustainable way! Gift red packets, enjoy a meal with family, offer (plastic-free) fruit baskets, ditch the glow sticks, make homemade cakes that don’t require elaborate packaging, make paper lanterns from upcycled paper and then recycle them- after all, what matters most is commemorating Mid-Autumn by spending time with loved ones, so let’s be kind to the planet while we’re at it. And if you love mooncakes, which we totally get, buy them packaging-free from bakeries and only buy as many as you will finish!


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Ethan Ho
Ethan Ho
20 sept. 2021

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