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5 Ways Parents Can Help Teach Their Kids To Reduce Waste

"Society is prosperous and material surplus" is one of the reasons why Hong Kong people are wasting, and I also agree with it.

Some Hong Kong peoples do not know how to cherish resources because their lives are worry-free. Take my classmates and me as an example, our parents provide us with what we need, such as the stationery we use, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, etc., all at our fingertips. Some students will also throw away the stationery that the teacher gave them as a reward. They didn’t wear out-of-fashion clothes and discarded food they didn’t like to eat. They didn’t care at all and didn’t cherish it. They have too much. If everyone can only have a pen, a piece of clothing, a bowl of rice, would they be so wasteful?

In addition to the above, "education" is also one of the important reasons. If we can understand from a young age that our resources are not unlimited, inculcate the idea that we should not be wasted, and understand that we should cherish our materials and the harm that waste brings to the earth, then we will not waste as much as today!


Here are some ways parents can teach their children about this kind of thing.

1. Use Newspapers To Build Things

2. Show Them How Important It Is To Donate Things

3. Put a Recycling Bin at Home

4. Play Recycling Games

5. Read With Them about reducing waste

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