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1) Freeze riped fruits

Frozen fruits can be blended to make fruit smoothies, nice-cream and they can even be added into baked goods to make healthier cakes and muffins.

2) Save the Bones & Leftover Vegetables

Instead of throwing away bones or forgetting your leftover vegetables, cook them! You can use them and make a really tasteful bowl of soup without any added stocks or preservatives.

3) Turn extra veggies into vegetable soup

Another thing you can you do with the leftover vegetables is to mix them all together and make creamy vegetable soup puree. Now if you hate eating your vegetables, this is also a really great way to meet your 5-a-day.

4) Pickle Your Vegetables

Fermented vegetables make nutrients more readily available, they promote a healthy gut and contains probiotics.

5) Turn Stale Bread into Croutons

Instead of throwing them out, why not slice them into small cubes, brush with a little bit of butter, sprinkle with garlic salt and bake them to make yourself some croutons.

6) Freeze Extra Herbs in Ice Cubes

Chop them up, place into ice cube trays, add some water or oil and freeze them to make herb cubes.

7) Use Lemon Peels to Make Infused Water

Save the peels because that’s where most of the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes are. Simple infuse into your water or tea and gain to gain the benefits.

8) Egg Shells

I like to save my eggshells and let them dry out. Then simple use a grinder and grind the shells into fine powder. Should one of my dogs get diarrhea, I’ll just sprinkle a couple teaspoons of the eggshell powder on their food and the diarrhea goes away.

9) Turn leftovers into a One-Pot Dish

Turn those little bits of leftovers into a one-pot dish by mixing everything together and take it to work for lunch!

10) Use a Spray Bottle for Your Oil

Using a spray bottle will help you to reduce on your calorie intake, as you’ll tend to use a lesser amount. This will make your food less greasy, reducing the fat intake in your diet, which can help you to lose weight.


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